Proraso Sensitive Skin Green Tea & Oat Shaving Cream Tube -White


$8.99 USD 


Proraso the company:

Even if you don't know the history behind Proraso Shaving Cream, the minute you pull the old-school green metal tube from the mate paper box, you will be instantly transported to a time when “The Barbershop” was a place for men to congregate and “shoot the breeze.”  Ludovico Martelli and his son Piero started the Proraso brand in 1948 in Florence, Italy, and for the past six decades Proraso Shaving Cream has been the lubricant of choice for millions of Italian Gentlemen and thousands of Italian Master Barbers.  How can all these Italian men be wrong?  Although Proraso Shaving Cream wasn't the first product introduced under the legendary Proraso brand (the first was the Pre & Post cream), Proraso Shaving Cream in the green metal tube is their most popular product; according to my sources, which I believe to be reliable, Proraso Shaving Cream is also the best-selling shaving cream in Italy. 


Size: 150ml tube

Made in Italy.


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nannybear from Northeastern Nebraska on Sep 05, 2016
My tube has a different color scheme. Same cream, though. Easy to lather in either a bowl or on the skin this is mildly fragranced and easy on those with sensitive skin. Great slickness, sticks around...the 150ml tube lasts for a good long time.