• Whiskey Stones - Phoenix Whiskey Stones - W/ Wooden Storage Box
  • Whiskey Stones - Phoenix Whiskey Stones - W/ Wooden Storage Box

Phoenix Whiskey Stones - w/ wooden storage box

$14.95 USD

Nothing like a cool sip of a fine whiskey without the inevitable diluting meltdown of ice...that should be on the books as a crime. That's where our PAA Whiskey Stones come in to save the day!

"Since good whiskey is aged over many years, a nice bottle isn’t always cheap. Maintaining the distilleries desired balance for flavors is important, and too much water can lead to a watered down taste. Whiskey stones eliminate any and all danger of too much moisture, and still give you a tasty, chilled beverage." ~Home Wet Bar

Though not shave related they are Man Related, and man things are a big part of what we do as well, like drinking. :) Lets also face the simple fact that they look badass. Not only are these finely water-cut soapstones great for chilling whiskey but also work well in about any mixed drink, especially my favorite gin & tonics! I also have taken to looking at these stones as a modern heirloom, if taken care of they should last lifetimes! Cheers!!!


Chill these cubes in the freezer at least four hours before use. Four will work wonders on your pour, so share a tipple with a friend, or use the others in a second round for yourself.


8 soapstone cubes. Includes wooden slider storage box

Hand wash with soap and water.

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