• Phoenix Bakelite Open Comb Slant - 3-Piece - Son Of A Classic! - Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements
  • Phoenix Bakelite Open Comb Slant - 3-Piece - Son Of A Classic! - Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements
  • Phoenix Bakelite Open Comb Slant - 3-Piece - Son Of A Classic! - Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements
  • Phoenix Bakelite Open Comb Slant - 3-Piece - Son Of A Classic! - Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements

Phoenix Bakelite Open Comb Slant - 3-Piece - Son Of A Classic!

$19.95 USD

Choose Black or White From Drop Down. See Photos. 

Most who know me know I have a real passion for all things Bakelite, so you can imagine how ecstatic I am to finally be able to offer our very own 3-piece Phoenix Bakelite Razor! 

Douglas Smythe Bakelite Razor

The open comb/slant design is inspired by one of my favorite vintage razors, The FASAN Twist. I absolutely LOVE that razor but it's hard to find and can be expensive to pick up when you do find one, and if you are not familiar with Bakelite, who wants to take a gamble at the current antique razor price?


So once again, we have gone back and plucked a rare gem from history in an effort to offer it at a fair and reasonable price, so the newb and collector alike can give this bad boy a go! Note: This design is based on "The Twist" and not The Fasan Dbl Slant (with Red Dot).

Bringing a Bakelite Razor to the market has been a mission of mine for almost 2 years! I approached many different Bakelite Manufacturers all over the world, even dropped one in the middle of the first production. None of them had ever heard of a Bakelite Razor, much less a Safety Razor and for the life of them couldn't understand why it had to be done in Bakelite when a modern plastic would be cheaper and easier to work with...I remained steadfast. Through much trial and error and many a return to the drawing board we proceeded until we nailed it! My first test shave was BBS, and though bias, possibly the best shave ever! :)

We decided to reveal these babies to the world at the SoCal Wet Shaver's Collective this past July and the reception was inspiring. It's amazing how many folks have not seen or held a Bakelite Razor or even seen a open comb slant, one person thought it was deformed, but that was "ok because it was a prototype" they remarked, lol. Many compared the clean, white razor to a Storm Trooper...and they were right, lol. Needless to say, after the meet up i was 10X more excited to get The Phoenix Bakelite to the people!

We made sure the post was the standard 1032 thread so that handles can be mixed and matched with your other favorite handles! Though I recommend you hang with the whole package before you switch it up! Unlike it's metal cousin, a Bakelite requires slight pressure, but very, very slight. As for the presumed learning curve, you should have it mastered by the end of a 3 pass shave! A slant need not be about weight, but finesse and angle.

Bakelite has such a rich history in the USA where it was born in 1907, created by Leo Baekeland! Did you know during the war effort, we almost minted our pennies in Bakelite, but eventually went with steel? Pool Balls were even made out of bakelite, if that tells you anything about durability. Our auto and aviation industries grew up along side Bakelite and we'd probably be 25 years behind if it wasn't for the stuff! The stuff was and is AMAZING and truly has 1000 uses...STILL!
*Instructions: Follow these instructions to ensure your experience with The Phoenix Bakelite will be a smooth one. There are a few things you need to know about this razor, especially if new to a classic bakelite safety razor model.
1. The main thing, the dramatic slant cap secures the blade always and exactly in a precisely calculated cutting angle. This in conjuction with the 2. Slanted Open Comb creates a smooth, drawing scythe-like cut. Both Efficient and pleasant, the beard disappears. Fully tighten the handle for shaving, for closer shaves you can try loosening the handle by a 1/8 turn to a maximum of 1/4 turn, depending on beard thickness and your own assessment.
Shave with a vertical downward motion and don’t be surprised if you don’t feel much of the smooth cutting action. The Slant Cut is an automatic result of the time tested classic design. But, you still have to choose the blade that works for your own unique face - That’s where the true edge is. As important as the features on this razor may be, the beard is still being cut by the strength and quality of the blade. It is recommended you experiment with different brands of blade till you find the optimal blade for you. Some favorites: Feathers, Bolzano, Astra and Voskhod.
*Based on original instructions, 1936
 Below is an excellent NPR Podcast that covers the story of Bakelite!

One 3-piece Bakelite Open Comb Slant Safety Razor, in black or white

NOTE: This is For One Razor

Blade Exposure: 1.032 mm

Blade Gap: .203 mm

Complete Length: 3.25"

18 grams 

5 out of 5, based on 12 reviews
Adam from Ohio on Jan 22, 2018
I'm decently new to wet shaving and was a bit worried to try a slant razor for the first time. However, I found this razor to be very efficient and gave me no irritation. The lightness of the bakelite was an interesting but welcome change to my normal rotation of other razors.
B. Wick from Kaysville, Utah on Dec 15, 2017
I'm into everything vintage. Cars, Guitars, The list goes on. Upon my first shave I was set back due to the lightness of this razor. After a solid month I can achieve a shave as good, or better than any barbershop I've had a shave from. Amazing and efficient razor. I own a bunch of vintage razors and this one holds its own as well or better than some of the much higher $$ ones. Awesome shave! Love the roots that it came from.. The Fasan! It's a low dollar razor with a high dollar shave. Keep on bringing this stuff out.
Mike from Brighton on Sep 01, 2017
Absolutely love the compact and lightweight design of this razor. Perfect for travel. Price is Right and the shipping was fast.
Mark from Newtown, PA on Jun 29, 2017
Wow! Been wet shaving for only nine months, and have five de razors (Weishi butterfly, Gilette Tech Ball End, Edwin Jagger Kelvin DE89, and Ming Shi 2000s, the Merkur Futur clone. Finally have learned the proper technique, and rotate all five razors pretty regularly. Just used the PAA Bakelite slant today again, with a Shark Stainless blade on its fourth use, and WOW! what a great shave: BBS after two passes plus cleanup. Best shave I've had in a week and a half, even my problem spots (under the chin, neck, below the ears) are smooth, smooth, smooth. And all this with ZERO irritation. Love this razor. Having a hard time figuring out why I use the others.
DAVE from Little Rhody on Apr 26, 2017
Kicking Ass & Taking Names...Audibly Awesome,Super Smooth & Efficient!
The least "clean up" needed out of all my DE Slant Razors w/Feather Blade..Better than my ATT S2!
WTG,XTG,ATG Just plain FUN to use!
Own the Black & White! Gonna pick up the Ox Blood next!
Cal from Great Britain on Mar 09, 2017
Currently the PB (Phoenix Bakelite Open Comb Slant) is my ALL-TIME FAVORITE razor!

Mine arrived on October 1, 2016 and it gave me the closest and quickest shave I’d ever had straight out of the box.

I used it exclusively for the first four weeks in January 2017, and when I went back to my variety of other (now lesser) favorites I found that my technique with all of them had improved substantially. I put this down mainly to getting the pressure dialled in with this 16 gram featherweight — that skill sure carries over to any other razor you use.

At this moment I’m in a shaving forum “Fixed 4 for March 2017” adventure (using only one razor, one blade [make and model], one brush, and one soap/cream for the complete month). Of course, my razor choice is the PB!

What’s so great about the PB is that it’s so easy to use. And it automatically teaches me better finesse and expertise each time I have the pleasure of using it.
Wullie Hunter from Scotland on Nov 09, 2016
Just had my first shave with the Bakelite Open Comb Slant and only one word for it "Awesome" and only two passes required. Keep up the good work Douglas and team, looking forward to my next encounter already.
The Clean Shaver from Utah on Sep 12, 2016
I got this razor wanting to prove it wrong. Bakelite, in my opinion, and all other super lightweight materials just made inferior shavers. I was wrong. DEAD wrong.
While I'm still not a huge fan of the weight of the razor (I still genuinely prefer heavier gear), this thing shaved like a dream. I was able to quickly dial in the angle, the pressure, and the feel. Once I did, it offered a super smooth, efficient shave. It wasn't perfect right away, but I got it. Even if you think you won't like the weight (or lack thereof), you should try this thing. Especially at the price, you need to experience the way this razor shaves. It will change your mind about Bakelite. I know it's changed mine.
Grant Lockwood from Warner Robins,GA on Sep 10, 2016
The idea of shaving with a plastic razor never seemed like a vialbe option for me. I mean its plastic, I mean what strong enduring things are made out of plastic? Bridges? Airplanes? Towers? Heck no but they do make automotive distributors our of this stuff... That idea stuck with, but still though don't most people judge a razor on its weight? 18 grams Quality shave?

It wasn't till I had a conversation I had with someone about their most prized razor in their collection. Which turned out to be a German Fasan bakelite razor. Which put me into a bit of disbelief, I mean its plastic, how is it possible? So that got me interested, I searched around did some research and almost bought Fasan (really), yet something told me to hold off. So when the PAA razor was released and at stomach-able price I ordered it.

After years of working in professional auto racing as a mechanic/engineer and as an Aircraft Mechanic (capitalized on purpose) I have a pretty keen for well made products and have a higher attention to detail then most. In my line of work peoples lives are on the line, and it is my responsibility determine the airworthiness of a given componet or system. So with my previously mentioned predjudices of plastic I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the razor. It feels absolutely solid in the hand, well balanced no sharp edges, or ugly mold lines, beautiful high luster finish, and what I like most are the bonded brass fasteners.

So the shave? Again my preconcieved notions of razors have been blown out the water with this one. The lack of weight I found to be more of an advantage then anything else. Because it is light and Bakelite feels super silky against the skin you really don't notice the razor but you can feel the blade. If the blade angel was off, the blade either cut or it didn't, I just moved the handle till it cut again. It was surprising that I used no added pressure like I thought I would need given its 18 gram weight. All I can say is it glides across your face and cuts hair quickly and smoothly.

As you can see I am pretty happy with this razor, and can not wait to shave with it again. PAA really nailed it with this one, only regret is I didn't buy both colors so I could make a Ebony and Ivory razor!!
Randy Bennett from Bakersfield, CA on Sep 10, 2016
Just received the razor this afternoon just after shaving with the latest slant that came out on the same day as the bakelite. I am a confirmed slant-o-holic, owning slants from Merkur, Shavecraft, Ikon, Fine, Razorock,and others and wanted to experiment with my fairly recently slant shaved face. I took the one shave blade from my earlier slant shave and put this into the PAA Bakelite razor. I found the blade easy to align, with slightly more torque than the X3 or Maggard and easy to secure within the head. The razor appeared to be just a tad more aggressive than the X3 slant ,but not at all overly aggressive although significantly more efficient. The razor with its great audible feedback and lightweight allowed me to mow down significant stubble that was left over from by earlier shave. Douglas did his homework and it paid off with this razor... Great Job and SHAVE ON!!!
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