Phillip's Fougere After Shave Splash - Black Ship Grooming - 4oz

Black Ship Grooming

$19.50 USD 


Philip's Fougere not your father's Fougere

a new aromatic fougere, made with the scents from Green fields of lush green grasses surrounded with balsam firs and oakmoss that give way to lavender fields. This Fougere was created over several months with the help of enthusiasts of fougere scents, Chad Irish. I'm really proud to say this is unlike any Fougere you've smelled before.

Everyone needs a Little Splash now and then. Even the roughest pirates like smooth calm skin. Each of our aftershaves has been formulated to help protect and heal your skin after shaving. We made our Splashes with skin soothing Witch hazel, Aloe, and Vitamin E to brace your skin as it helps to heal it. Our splashes are not watered down, we don't skimp on the Witch Hazel, Aloe or the Vitamin e.

Pair with Phillip's Fougere Shaving Soap!

Our aftershaves will leave you skin feeling moisturized, most splashes that have alcohol make your skin feel dry. You'll find that when you use our splashes there is no need for a secondary moisturizer.

Each bottle comes in our handsome 4oz frosted glass bottles

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