Personna "Lab Blue" Double Edge Blades - 5 blades


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These Personna blades were designed for barber use and are stainless steel blades with the Comfort-Coated® edge.  They are similar to the Medical Personna blades by American Safety Razor.  The provide a nice smooth shave.

1 pack/5 blades
Reviews for Personna "Lab Blue" Double Edge Blades - 5 blades
5 out of 5, based on 1 reviews
Joseph from North Carolina on May 30, 2015
I bought these after watching Nick Shaves review on YouTube and I'm glad I did. They're very smooth, forgiving, and just the right amount of sharpness. The only time I nicked myself with these was when I was in a hurry. Aside of that, no nicks and very little irritation. Highly recommend these!