Mal Pais Aftershave/Cologne - Mesquite, Leather, Black Pepper & More - Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements
  • Mal Pais Aftershave/Cologne - Mesquite, Leather, Black Pepper & More - Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements

Mal Pais Aftershave/Cologne - Mesquite, Leather, Black Pepper & More

$24.95 USD

If you enjoy Tombstone you will really, really love Mal Pais! Where Tombstone is the Wild West under a microscope and larger than life like the OK Corral itself, Mal Pais is The West in all it's vastness, as one would experience it on the winds, riding horseback though that treacherous, Bad Country!

Leather, cedar, mesquite, bay rum, black pepper, mint, bergamot, Tobacco Absolute and ginger.  Maybe some tumbleweeds and bullets found their way into the mix too...

Don't forget the matching Mal Pais Shave Soap HERE!

3.5 oz - Glass Flask Style Bottle w/ easy pour top

Ingredients: Alcohol, Rose Water, Essential / Fragrance Oils, Glycerin, Alum, Aloe, Tobacco Absolute

External Use Only, Discontinue Use if Irritation Occurs

Handmade In Arizona, USA

4.8 out of 5, based on 5 reviews
Martin from AZ on Jan 03, 2018
Possibly my favorite scent from PAA. Living in the Southwest since 2003 this scent speaks to me. It's my go to scent on fall and winter when I want to get ready to embrace the chilly morning.
Phxdog from Phoenix on Sep 01, 2016
If you have never been in the solitude of the Arizona Sonoran desert as a long awaited thunderstorm begins, this description won't make much sense to you. Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements has captured the unique scent of rain washed mesquite trees. The illusive aroma only lasts a minute or two then fades, until now. Mal Pais preserves the essence of that rare occurrence and skillfully combines it with a subdued touch of dusty leather. This complex mixture is very close to olfactory perfection.

The scent sneaks up on you. Mal Pais is like background music in a classic western; try watching The Magnificent Seven without the soundtrack. People will be sad when you and Mal Pais leave the room.

There's not a lot of true originality anymore. You are already set apart from the crowd. You don't shave with 3-5 junky blades crammed into a plastic handle that you buy at the food store. Latch on to this aftershave lotion made by innovative geniuses. Make it yours. You deserve it!
Chris from Seattle on Dec 05, 2015
Mal Pais...
This is quite possibly my favorite aftershave by Phoenix. My dad used to wear English Leather to church. Mal Pais has that same sweet, leathery muskiness to it that I remember drifting through the car on the drive there. There's something so delicately masculine about this one. The scents all blend together to form something divine.
What I love most about it, though is how Douglas has taken scents that don't necessarily smell good on their own (tobacco absolute, ginger, mesquite, black pepper), and crafted them into something a swirling, sensual experience that has yet to be rivaled in my book.
Steve from South Florida on Oct 24, 2015
Doug's description sums it up. Mal Pais doesn't have the overt leather and gunpowder scent of Tombstone, but you do pick it up. Mal Pais seems more airy and sophisticated than Tombstone in a great way. I kind of like the bite of Tombstone a little better, but this is very nice. I could see Tombstone out at country bar, and Mal Pais at Lonesome Dove in Fort Worth.
David from USA on Aug 03, 2015
This stuff is great. As with all PAA aftershave cologne this stuff has staying power. What I love most about this is that it is UNIQUE... there isn't an aftershave I have ever tried (and I have tried many) or a cologne that resembles this. It's not merely a twist on something out there. It's a great ORIGIONAL scent... and the first time I wore it my wife said and I quote "oooh what are you wearing".... in a you smell manly and great kind of way... not the "ooh what are you wearing" in a clubman special reserve kind of way... well done.

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