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ICE Scentless Pre-Shave Soap and Lather Booster Travel Stick (Mentholated, Aloe)

$4.95 USD

Finally a Pre-Shave Soap & Lather Booster without a clashing scent...Game Changer! Turn any shave soap into a crisp, cool mentholated shave!!!

AND NOW IN TRAVEL STICK SIZE! Easy no mess "twist up" style travel tube, throw it in your travel dop and forget about'll thank yourself later!

Designed to clean and prepare the face before the shave without over-cleansing or drying while at the same time giving a lather boost to your shaving soap of choice! The Hydrolyzed Oats helps to absorb and break down the grime and grease, clearing your face for the razor to pass smoothly, while at the same time allowing the stubble to hydrate better.  A healthy dose of menthol numbs the skin for a more comfortable shaving experience and creates a wonderful cooling sensation.  Aloe has been added for it's moisturizing properties and post shave feel.

Goes great with our Agent or Flight Travel Razors!


Size: 2.5 oz.

Handcrafted in USA

Instructions: Use pre-shave to clean area to be shaved thoroughly then rinse. Next, before applying shaving soap or cream rub Mentholated soap bar against the grain of your stubble. This will raise the hairs and provide a slick undercoating to your shave as well as aid your shave soap in boosting lather. 

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