GEM Scientific Single Edge Razor Blades - Dispenser with 10 blades - Carbon Steel

$4.95 USD
Ok first off I need to say these are not commonly used for shaving, but damn!
Not as smooth as a coated blade but they do deliver in the Damn Fine Shave Department for sure. If you are an experienced Single Edge user, I recommend  you give these a try, you really can't beat the price! However, if you are brand new to single edge blades, you don't want to start here...not yet.
Also, since they are not coated and carbon steel, you must dry them off good after each use. That said, they do last pretty long!
More on these blades
These are the highest quality single-edge razor blades money can buy at any price and they are useful for mincing specimens, trimming tissue blocks, etc. Perhaps more importantly, the very small radius of curvature, for a carbon steel blade, results in an edge that really is "sharper" and which enables the cutting of bulky specimens with far less distortion than would normally be the case. In this case, the "specimen" is your beard!

Metallurgy of the blades:
The GEM Scientific Razor Blades are fabricated from carbon steel, not stainless steel. The reason for this is very simple: One can achieve a sharper (smaller radius of curvature at the) edge with carbon steel than with stainless steel, and the GEM Scientific Razor Blades are the sharpest edges we can offer. In addition, they are not coated with oil or anything else to protect the edge and increase corrosion be sure to remove them after shaving and towel dry them. 
Directions:Hold dispenser in right hand between thumb and index finger with thumb window facing up and towards you.

Once blade has appeared, grasp blade back with left hand and pull all the way out.
Safely dispose of blades by sliding into used blades compartment.
  • Length: 40mm
  • Width: 20mm
  • Thickness: 0. 23mm along the cutting edge; up to 1mm along the top of the blade.
  • Hole: 0.24" (6.1mm) high x 0.10" (2.5mm)

Individual cartridges
Safety Pkg/10