Finger Sleeve - Finger Sleeve - "Training Wheels For Skin Pulling"! - 100% Cotton
  • Finger Sleeve - Finger Sleeve - "Training Wheels For Skin Pulling"! - 100% Cotton

Finger Sleeve - "Training Wheels For Skin Pulling"! - 100% Cotton

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Skin pulling, a technique that is often over looked in shaving or the last thing we learn. Typically this is done during straight razor shaving but also can be incorporated into DE Shaving as well.

To achieve a close shave with every pass it's important to use your other hand as a pull.  Historically this is done with a bit of alum which will provide some grip through slippery lather but I prefer my alum as a skin toner at the end of the shave, not during.

That said, a cotton finger sleeves gets the job done better and may aid in remembering to incorporate pulling into your daily shave. Kinda like tying a ribbon around your finger to remember something. 

But aside from a memory aid the cotton being porous is rather grippy, even when wet and soapy! Provides the perfect grip with just enough slip so as not to over stretch. Use during the over the head pull and neck especially. So in an effort to giving you a closer shave we thought we'd offer our latest innovation to you! Soon to be a must for every shave station! 

1 Cotton Finger Sleeve - Elastic Wrap

One Size Fits All (typically)


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Joe Borrelli from Lake Worth Florida on Sep 05, 2016
Shaving Training Sleeve!

For beginner and experienced wet shavers alike, this shaving sleeve really works! Simply put over your index finger and gently pull your skin toward the top of your head or down from your neck and… Bam, that’s it! Don’t worry if you get cream or water on it, it still grips!!

If you tend to pull your skin too tightly (we’ve all done it) you may experience irritation and/or decreased performance from your razor. Using the sleeve actually prevents this common occurrence as it gently slips when too much pressure is applied. In short, if you pull your skin too tight, the sleeve reminds you to rethink your position. I feel this is the best feature of this product and what makes it essential to those just starting their wet shaving journey, or those just looking for an alternative to the famed, alum block.

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