Envy Shave badger brush with 25mm Luxury Silvertip - Alluminati Classic by Nathan Clark - Blue

Nathan Clark Brushes

$100.00 USD 

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Style Illuminati Classic 25mm knot
Approximate weight 3.5 Oz / 100 grams

Your choice of colors Silver, Copper, or Blue. Set with a premium quality 25mm premium grade Silvertip hair known as Luxury silvertip. Brush is perfectly weighted and balanced and not overly heavy. Made by fine craftsmen in the USA. It comes with travel pod for safe transport. 

This listing is for the hair shown in the picture with the Blue brush. The knot is uncompromised with luxury feel. The knot has a superb cushiony glide feel. With creamy soft tips and very dense with hair. Retains a lot of soap, lather and heat. This is the hair that will make you feel spoiled each time you shave.

Loft is set at 49mm by default and knot shape is bulb by default.
3 out of 5, based on 1 reviews
William from Pittsburgh on Aug 03, 2016
It's a beautiful brush, and wonderful for lathering any kind of hard soap or cream in a bowl. But the knot is so soft, it's only good for the "painting" method of applying lather to your face. If you like to lather right on your face, this is not the brush.