Dixie Aftershave & Cologne - Contains Aloe, Carrot Extract, Liquid Silk, Hedione & More - Discontinued

Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements

$24.95 USD 


DIXIE, The Official Aftershave/Cologne of the Dirty South Shaver's Meet Up 10/17/15...Today! In honor of this epic meet up, we will make this available to the public today as well!

PART 1 in our Roswell Trilogy 

When I was asked to do the Aftershave for the DSSMU I was a little flabbergasted...how does one capture the South? What comes to mind? As an outsider I may have had a bit more insight traveling through with a "clean palette".

I immediately noticed the heavy, almost clumsy Spanish Moss and the ever blooming, sweet kudzu. Then the shining star, Magnolia! But...being held in Huntsville, home of Space Camp, I needed a science fiction element, something ozone.

So I began blending. What I ended up with was a very mysterious, infectious, syrup of the South and stew of the stars. A Classic, Futuristic, Masculine, Victorian Era Scent...for the intergalactic Southern Gent!

Scent Profile

Top Notes: Magnolia, Kudzu, Camellia, Sage, Corn Flower
Heart Notes: Spanish Moss, Green Tobacco

Base Notes: Oakmoss, Bay, Tobacco Absolute

We are very pleased to be able to collaborate with Soap Commander on this project!  That said, for the perfect matching soap contact Darren and Carrie over at Soap Commander! Also, a big thanks to Ralph Gabb for making this meet possible!

Contained within you will find White Sage and Spanish Moss Hydrosol, Liquid Silk, Hedione, Alum, Aloe, Carrot Extract and Camellia Oil! What you get is a highly long lasting aftershave/cologne with a most excellent post shave feel...Out Of This World!

3.5 Fl Oz
Glass Flask - Flow Reducer Bottle