Crown King Victorian/Western Style 12 oz Scuttle - Durable Porcelain - Heirloom Quality - Dishwasher Safe

Crown King

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There's nothing like a hot lather from the beginning to the end of your shave, and no better way to achieve that than with a modern classic, the scuttle! Being a fan and collector of antique scuttles and the Old West I really wanted to create something in that same aesthetic, but functional, modern and innovative. This daisy of a scuttle wouldn't look too out of place in the hand of a frontier town barber.


The CK Scuttle possesses a trait quite unique to most modern scuttles, rather than horizontal lines and digs within the bowl,I chose, quite intentionally, to add vertical "digs" (8) in close proximity to aid in lather production. The more "verts" the more lather...resistance is a good thing. The horizontal bars and verticals work harmoniously together in the production of hot suds.

The Crown King Scuttle will last generations when well taken care of, just like the scuttles of old. Feels great in the hand, durable and a great weight. The inner bowl is approximately 4" in diameter and 2.25" deep.

What Difference A Plug Makes?

It's true. Unlike traditional cork, our dry rot resistant, rubber silicone stopper gives a tighter seal when twisted into the hole. A simple push and a twist of the wrist gives you a snug, air tight plug. (See Vid Below)

Great For Face Latherers Too! 

Why would a face latherer use a scuttle? For the same reason, hot lather. In between passes keep your brush in the scuttle and never use a cold loaded brush again for that 2nd and 3rd pass! The unique conical shape of the inner bowl allows the brush to "stand" or lean without falling over into the bowl as with most scuttles. It's smaller "footprint", takes up less space on the sink or shower rack. A truly thoughtful design by a fellow wet! :) Pro Tip: if just using scuttle as a brush scuttle you may use hotter water without the worry of destroying bowl lather and assuring a hot brush!

Women Wet Shavers Love Them Too!

Directions: For best results, fill scuttle with hot water and the top lather bowl. Allow the scuttle to heat 5-10 minutes before shaving (while you shower, maybe). Before creating lather, empty water from scuttle and re-add hot water to bottom chamber. Load brush on soap of choice and then transfer over to scuttle. Use a figure 8 or circular motion, add more hot water as needed. A pumping action may also be incorporated into the technique, in time you will find the sweet spot. NOTE: If you choose to use boiling water, add first to heat scuttle but not before the shave. Boiling water can destroy lather. Do Not add boiling water to a cold scuttle ever, this may cause stress marks or crack porcelain. 

Watch How To Use A Modern Shaving Scuttle
Heirloom Quality
Dishwasher Safe
Porcelain - Fine China                                                                                                                             Black Silicone Stopper                                                                                                                             Weight: 14.09 Oz - Volume: 12 Oz