Crown King "The Troubadour" DURO 22mm Synthetic Shaving Brush - Faux Ivory

Crown King

$22.95 USD 


The Troubadour is a rather classy little synthetic brush, perfect as a daily driver and the perfect travel companion too! The DURO Synthetic Teddy Bear Hair knot has more back bone than it's cousin, the Suave. It's a tad punchier and rather than a synthetic version of a Badger, this would be the synthetic version of a Boar. Great for the new wet shaver and experienced, woman also enjoy the size of this brush! 

The chess piece style handle adds a classic touch that not only looks sexy but feels great in the hand.

Assembled in Arizona, USA

22mm "Teddy Bear Hair"  DURO Synthetic Knot

Loft: 50mm

wt: 56 grams

Ht:  3.85" (98mm)

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