• Shavette - Crown King Shavette - Bone Scales (handle) - Now W/ Etched Logo!
  • Shavette - Crown King Shavette - Bone Scales (handle) - Now W/ Etched Logo!

Crown King Shavette - Bone Scales (handle) - Now w/ etched logo!

$19.95 USD

This....is a shavette!

This could easily be the missing link between a DE Safety Razor and a Straight Razor. Aside from the really intuitive features and classy looks, this baby takes a half Blade and full size *DE Blades! I believe these bad boys are going to change a lot of folks opinions on shavettes for sure.

Sadly (or maybe gladly), I anticipate the Crown King Shavette selling out very fast...fear not, more are on route! Hit the green "Email When Available" tab if they are one when you get here and stay posted on their grand return!

Great weight, great balance, GREAT PRICE! 

*NOTE ON BLADE EXPOSURE: This Shavette is truly an animal of another color. Not only is it beefier but it can also fit a DE Blade, that said, the exposure is a tad more than the traditional shavettes of years past. This is not a barber's shaping shavette but a modern Wet Shaving tool, Shavette 2.0 maybe? If you wish for less blade exposure when adjusting to the CK Shavette, you can snap/or cut the DE Blade in half and load. Shave On!

Find DE/Shavette Blades HERE! Wt: 89 grams

Length Open 6.5"

Length Open 9"
An Overview and Basic How To
How To Load A DE or 1/2 Blade

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