Crown King "Checkmate" Suave 24mm Synthetic Shaving Brush - Faux Ox Horn

Crown King

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The Checkmate is a rather handsome piece of shaving hardware; a solid brush, a good weight, great balance and feels extremely comfortable in the hand. The Suave Synthetic Teddy Bear Hair knot will be reminiscent of a certain other brush on the market currently but quite denser, larger, and more tightly packed, plus set deeper to provide more back bone. Then there is the Faux Ox Horn handle, a truly striking feature, a more elegant touch you would expect on a much more costly brush. 

Assembled in Arizona, USA

24mm "Teddy Bear Hair"  SUAVE Synthetic Knot

Loft: 56mm

wt: 3.4 oz (96 g)

Ht: 4.84" (123mm)

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