• Toothpaste - Couto Toothpaste From Portugal - 60g (2.12oz)
  • Toothpaste - Couto Toothpaste From Portugal - 60g (2.12oz)

Couto Toothpaste from Portugal - 60g (2.12oz)

$6.00 USD

The first Couto Toothpaste formula was registered in the city of Porto, on June 13th, 1932 under the name "Pasta Medicinal Couto" (Medicinal Paste) by Alberto Ferreira do Couto, pharmacy manager. With the assistance of a stomatologist friend, he created the toothpaste with the aim of limiting the widespread cases of receding gums.

The quality of the product was to make it so successful that, even today, for the older people in Portugal, "Pasta Couto" is synonymous with toothpaste. The small production is still carried out by the Couto family.

Minty, effective, natural paste. Fluoride- and paraben-free

Size: 60g/2 oz.

Made in Portugal.

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