The Jolly Roger Hand Carved Tim Blem Original 24mm Silver Tip Badger Shaving Brush - Maple

Tim Blem Brush

$110.00 USD 

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Tim Blem has been building guitars for sometime now, one day it just occurred to him that he should combine his 2 passions; wet shaving and handmade guitars...The Rest Is History. Since his humble beginnings of building guitar neck brushes Tim has branched out into other unique and conceptual pieces. His most recent is the ever popular Jolly Roger.....arghhhhh!

You will love this beefy, Hand Carved Maple handle and punchy, high quality 24mm Silver Tip Badger Knot. Size matters for sure and if your handle possesses a little attitude too, all the better!

wt 80 g

knot 24mm

loft 51mm

Total Length 125mm

Solid Maple

*Weight is an Estimate. Each piece is artisan made and unique.

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