Synthetic Hand Carved Tim Blem Original Guitar Neck Shaving Brush - Mahogany & Rosewood

Tim Blem Brush

$80.00 USD 


Tim Blem has been building guitars for sometime now, one day it just occurred to him that he should combine his 2 passions; wet shaving and handmade guitars...The Rest Is History.

This is truly a unique brush to own, oddly enough feels almost natural in the hand. The Plisson style knot gives this piece it's purpose, Form and function. A hand carved guitar neck. White bindings, custom inlay, hand cut out of mother of pearl.  The inlay is a symbol to all who walk the path of the wet shave.  The knot is one of the best Synthetic knots currently available. All you need is a guitar strap! 


mahogany and rosewood

wt 2.5 oz (26mm)

wt 1.85 oz (22mm)

All weights are estimates. These items are artisan and each one is unique.

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