Cedar Fever Aftershave/Cologne - Texas Cedar, Yellow Rose & Sweetgrass - Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements
  • Cedar Fever Aftershave/Cologne - Texas Cedar, Yellow Rose & Sweetgrass - Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements

Cedar Fever Aftershave/Cologne - Texas Cedar, Yellow Rose & Sweetgrass

$24.95 USD

[Notice: Contains Alcohol, Only Shipped Within The USA (lower 48), no International or Military Addresses]

Cedar Fever was a very special scent concocted for the folks down in Texas! It was originally the Official Scent of the Shave by Shave West meet, which took place last March 2016. The demand for the release of this soap was huge and could not be ignored. So BOOM!

Texas Cedar - Yellow Rose - Sweetgrass.....WOOOO Nelly, This is Texas to a T! 

Do yourself a solid and pair with our slick formula 3.0 Cedar Fever Artisan Shave Soap HERE!

As with all our Phoenix & Crown King Aftershave/Colognes you will find nothing but the best ingredients inside each bottle! Quality oils, Frag, Resins and absolutes are used to last all day and sometimes into the next. Then there is the other face saving, natural ingredients that will give your skin that silky, moisturized feel: Aloe Vera, Vegetable Glycerin, Prickly, Alum and Rose Water!

3.5 Flask w/ Easy Pour Spout


4 out of 5, based on 3 reviews
J from Texas on May 28, 2016
Cedar Fever is all about Texas and some of the things that make it great. Being outside when spring turns into summer let's you smell the roses and the cedar trees all around in the Hill Country. On top you get a rose note but it goes so much deeper than that. You can smell the woody cedar and pick up on the sweet grass underneath. Mixed all together it's a refreshing and earthy blend that's not too deep and not too bright.
Like all the other PAA aftershaves this one feels great and the scent lasts.
Jack from Bend, Oregon on May 28, 2016
Being a native Texan, I had to buy Cedar Fever shave soap and matching aftershave. Performance is top notch and the scent is incredible with the woodsy cedar perfectly balanced with the sweetgrass and yellow rose. Scent reminds me of Dunhill Edition, one of my favorite colognes, but Cedar Fever adds a layer of sweetness that my wife and daughter both love. Definitely not a wood bomb yet slightly more wood notes than the PAA sandalwood. I have a lot of PAA soaps and aftershaves in my den and this is easily in my top three.
Ron from Wisconsin on May 24, 2016
After sampling several PAA aftershaves, I jumped in Big Time and ordered 14 full bottles (yes, 14) of various scents. Cedar Fever disappointed me Big Time! I give it two stars because, like all PAA aftershaves, it leaves my face feeling great -- comfortable and smooth without a bit of tackiness. But naming it Cedar Fever was horribly misleading. I bought it because of the name; I love cedar scents. This isn't one. And I like sweetgrass, one of the three ingredients listed in the scent blend, but it's barely there. This is rose, rose and more rose! If you like rose, you'll like this. But don't expect a cedar scent, despite the name.

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