ATG Wear - Wet Shaving T-shirt


$10.00 USD 


Instant conversation piece, Diagram and Tool of Conversion all in one! 

Introducing our first design in a series of wet shaving T-shirts!

50% Cotton & 50% Poly, super comfortable shirts...nuff said.

Choose White or Athletic Grey

Wet Shaving, Live it, Love it, Wear it!

Available in S,M,L,XL, XXL (2XL) and XXXL (3XL) (Gildan)

5 out of 5, based on 2 reviews
nannybear from Northeastern Nebraska on Sep 05, 2016
Love this tshirt. Comfy and sized correctly I got a few looks when I went grocery shopping with this on. Nice to sleep in as well:) Quality cloth.
David Fernicola from Linden, NJ on Oct 03, 2014
Great tshirts!!! Nice size, style and very unique!! Bought 3!! One for myself, one for my brother and one for my girlfriend!! We are all huge fans of Douglas Smythe's products!!!