Aloha SmackDown Aftershave & Cologne - Classic Hawaiian Punch - Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements
  • Aloha SmackDown Aftershave & Cologne - Classic Hawaiian Punch - Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements

Aloha SmackDown Aftershave & Cologne - Classic Hawaiian Punch - Seasonal

$19.95 USD

You asked for it, You got it! When we created Aloha Smackdown last year the thought never occurred to us that we needed to make a matching splash...the emails and PMs we received the months after changed all that and this year we made share to get some going and released in time for the summer! 

For some, nostalgia is a classic barbershop scented shave soap for others it's Saturday Morning Cartoons...or something like that. Our Aloha Smackdown Aftershave/Cologne will instantly take you back to your spot in front of the TV, at least that's where it takes me. First off, it's based on Classic Hawaiian Punch not one of the many Hannah Barbara cartoons I once filled my head with...but for some reason Saturday morn is where I am transported to...POW!

I'm certain the commercials were playing in between the shows, dad was home and shaving, mom was pouring me some Cap'n Crunch Cereal and I was ramped up on the sweet 7 tropical fruits of this magical punch. There was no Juicy Juice, and even if there was....POW!

That said, Aloha SmackDown will definitely take you back in time and put a smile on your face. POW!

Pair with our matching artisan shave soap Aloha Smackdown HERE! 

As with all our Phoenix & Crown King Aftershave/Colognes you will find nothing but the best ingredients inside each bottle! Quality Essential oils, Frags, Resins and absolutes are used to last all day and sometimes into the next. Then there is the other face saving, natural ingredients that will give your skin that silky, moisturized feel: Aloe Vera, Vegetable Glycerin, and Alum!

3.5 Flask w/ Easy Pour Spout


5 out of 5, based on 1 reviews
Jayson D. Nelson from Omaha, NE on Jul 08, 2017
What can I say about this scent? It's fruit punch (!) in all its sugary glory. Up front I detect pineapple, and what I can only think of as "red drink," that amalgamous combination of unnamed fruit juices. It's so goofy, yet, it's a freaking delight!

At work, this instantly started all the girls on guessing what the heck I was wearing, much to our combined amusement.

Scent strength is 7.5 out of 10 - it projects nicely for about 3 to 4 hours before settling in a bit. Nevertheless, I got nice whiffs of it all day, which were always met with a grin. Being of a certain age, Hawaiian Punch is pure nostalgia, like Saturday morning cartoons and a bowl full of Fruit Loops.

Between Aloha SmackDown and The Beach, Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements wins the battle for Summer shaving on pure fun and joy alone!

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