Agua Dulce de San Agustín Aftershave/Cologne - (Florida Water)

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A fresh, new, longer lasting take on a truly classic American Splash!

  • Classic Scent, Longer Lasting
  • Made with Organic Elderflower
  • Contains Aloe Vera, Vegetable Glycerin & Alum
  • Also contains the "Sex Panther" of them all, Hedione!

Well, this has been a long time coming. A few years back I gave away my recipe on my podcast for Florida Water, everyone assumed after that I would release it...I didn't. But that didn't stop folks from asking over the years. After recently creating my own "Citrus Marine" scent, Garden Of Bali I thought it may be time to give a go at one of the earliest American Citrus Splashes.

There are a lot of different versions of Florida Water, the name is much like Bay Rum or Sandalwood, everyone seems to have their own take on it. More often than not people assume you mean the stuff in that strange bottle by Murray & Lanman...and that's what I bring you today! 

The name Agua Dulce (sweet water) is a reference to the classic, and possible first truly "American" myth, Florida's Fountain of Youth! Just like our country in it's infancy, it has elements of the old world as well as the new and unknown. This is what I think classic Florida Water should reflect, as the pools of such a mythical fountain would! Stay rejuvenated and refreshed all day with a splash of Agua Dulce.

Florida Water has always been popular in the forums, like itself subtle and elusive, but there none the less. Some grew up with it and maybe never used it, that strange mysterious glass bottle that someone in the house used...maybe? The mysterious label, you immediately recognize it but probably never really looked to close at it. That's how I remember Florida Water.

it also seems everyone smells something different; Orange blossoms, Coca Cola, Juicy Fruit, Pepper, etc. 

Scent Notes: Orange, Neroli, Lemon, Clove and Lavender

Pair with our matching Agua Dulce Artisan Shave Soap HERE! Oh, and don't forget the classic splash that started it all, Florida Water HERE!

3.5 Classic Flask w/ Easy Pour Top

Ingredients: Alcohol, Organic Elderflower Hydrosol, Essential/Fragrance Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Hedione, Aloe Vera, Alum

"This is American history in a bottle. In the 19th century perfumery was still in it's infancy and most people who wore fragrances were among the aristocracy. It was also regarded as being a European cultural thing to wear perfume. In the newly formed United States there were very few people who even wore perfume except the very rich and only when the occasion called for it. They wore soliflores and musk. The US was expanding into the West. Pioneers in covered wagons took their entire families and left behind the comforts of home in such states as Missouri and Mississippi, Virginia and Pennsylvania and headed to the wilder Western frontier countries that bordered Mexico namely Arizona and California, New Mexico and Texas. I would not be surprised if they brought along a bottle of fresh Florida Water. This was a refreshing "aquatic" citrus based cologne for both men and women to splash on themselves to diminish the smell of sweat and to cool off in the oppressive heat of the summer months."