NEW About Us

In 2012 we began making bath and body products out of all natural, good for you ingredients.  We soon found our passion in crafting shaving soaps and aftershave colognes that hit the mark in quality, performance, and scent.  Over the years we've introduced nearly 100 different scents in both shaving soap and our signature, long lasting aftershave colognes ranging from old school barbershop clean to gourmand scents like chocolate bourbon, and the mystical and strange world of earthy fougeres, Our noses are constantly on the lookout for interesting, rapturous, and nostalgic scents.     

We are here to make traditional shaving interesting and accessible to anyone who wants to try it out or expand their den with unique products that make life just little bit more fun.

Our dedication to the revival of the old traditions of shaving ensures that we will always be bringing something new to the table with a nod to the past.  

We still make every batch by hand in Arizona, USA.