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Free Shipping On Orders Over $75 ~ Flat Rate Shipping (USA) ~ Military & Veteran Discount.
Free Shipping On Orders Over $75 ~ Flat Rate Shipping (USA) ~ Military & Veteran Discount.

Black Friday Thru Cyber Monday Tactical Bug-Out Covid Christmas II Stocking Giveaway!

Enter Below to Possibly Win BIG This Cyber Monday Eve! 


Super easy instructions: 1) SHARE, 2) SHARE 3) SHARE That's it! Note: please don’t share on Phoenix Shaving Fan Groups…those folks are already well aware of what’s up, and the post won’t be counted! ALSO, PLEASE DON'T SPAM Groups & Forums! If you see someone has already posted in a group, go elsewhere or share in one of the many other methods we provide! Again, Please Don't Get Spammy!

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That's Right Folks, This Is A Most EPIC Prize!

Our Tactical Stocking Giveaway Package was such a hit last year we just had to do it again! That said, You Probably Also Want To Know What's In this years!  

  • The NEW 26mm Star Wisp Shave Brush w/ Stygian Knot 
  • Ultra Premium Holiday CK-6 Formula Bundle (Your Choice!)
  • Limited Edition Holly CUBE Preshave
  • Autographed & Personalized: The Fresco Mystery Paperback
  • EPIC Phoenix Shaving Shatter Proof Ornament
  • Limited Edition Double Hux Hot Sauce 
  • CANE Artisan Small Batch Deodorant
  • Official Phoenix Shaving Hot Towel
  • 100 NEW Strangelet Super Sharp DE Blades
  • No Slip Grip Alum & Travel Case
  • Mysterium Serum Sample Packet
  • Star Jelly Aftershave Sample Packet
  • Phoenix Shaving Styptic Pencil
  • Replica Retro Style Ceramic Blade Bank
  • Rugged & Built To Last Tactical Bug-Out Stocking
The PERFECT Gift For Newb or Longtime Wet Shaver! Contains practically everything one needs to have a killer traditional shave at home or in a battle zone! You will absolutely love this piece of Xmas Gear like no other; Complete with Heavy Duty Corrosive Resistant Clips, Side Zipper For Easy Access, Velcro Clasp Pouch, Robust Handle and Half Moon Loops! 


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Increase Your Chances To Win This One Of A Kind Stocking! A $175 Value!

Another way to increase your chances of winning is Copying & Pasting (or screen grab) the giveaway flyer above & the others below, and posting them across your social media including this link: & the hashtag #PAAGiveaway2021 Note: If you want to increase your chances even more, be sure to keep sharing other Phoenix Ads coming out this weekend thru Cyber Monday Eve...just be sure to use the hashtag! I will post new ads here but feel free to grab them off our social media channels too!

What Am I Sharing?

Good Question, why the good news of course, meaning: Our Black Friday Sale - Cyber Monday Sales, Drops & Giveaway! That's it? I mean, you were probably already going to do that anyways, might as well make it official and put your name into WIN something, right?

Giveaway Ends On Cyber Monday Night So Get Crack'n! This Giveaway Open to USA Only.  (Note: Unless you are willing to cover shipping costs & accept risk of loss during shipping. We are trying my friends!)

Enter Now! Remember, the more friends you invite and the more you post, the greater your chances to win! Revisit this page to see your rank...Good Luck!
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