The Most Epic Atomic Age Bay Rum Collectible Stoneware Jug Giveaway!

It's that time again folks for an EPIC Atomic Giveaway! This time you receive a killer, super cool, collectible 7 Oz Stoneware Jug of Atomic Age Bay Rum & A Ceramic Blade Bank!
There will be 3 winners chosen!

Now, How Do You Enter?

This time We've made it Super Simple w/ 2 Steps! 

Step 1) Share Our Atomic Age Bay Rum Jug Ads or the Giveaway Ad! *You must share them over 3 of your social media channels, be it Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. A minimum of 3 is the rule but the more you share, the better your chances! Ads to share will show up on our Phoenix Fan page wall over the next few days!
You must include the hashtag #AtomicGiveaway so that we may track it. *NOTE: This does not mean spamming forums, but posting on YOUR own Social Media Accounts. Unless a particular group, forum or site allows for posting shave giveaways, be weary of this kind of behavior.
Step 2) "Like" our Official Phoenix Shaving Facebook Page Click HERE!

Lastly, as with all of our giveaways, the more you share it the greater your chances of winning....Do it! Giveaway Ends Thursday, March 8th!
Oh and here's another way to enter big!
If you are a Youtuber a mention of our Atomic Age Bay Rum Giveaway w/ info on how to enter counts for 5 Entries! As a content creator myself and noticing the amounts of Wet Shaving Vids have slowed down in the community I think this should help revive/inspire more vids again! Remember to PM me with your vid details so I can count it! Also, put a link to the Giveaway in the description...Boom!

 Do you really want to win?

Of course you do! So to DRAMATICALLY increase your chances, simply invite your friends to partake...I repeat, super easy.
However, we decided to make this somewhat of a game, meaning we will be keeping a tally of who has the most entrees! We will make this leader board public so as to provide you with a peek at the top 3 competitors...which will fluctuate for sure!
NOTE: No personal info aside from whichever name you choose to use will be shared in tally.
Note on Rules: When sharing the giveaway link option, you must share it on other sites, blogs, forums, comments, etc...relevant places. Adding it to email signatures and such though clever and cool, does no one any good and defeats the purpose of sharing the excitement and news!

A Collectible Stoneware Jug?
Yes indeed my friends! Being that Atomic Age Bay Rum is so near and dear to me I really wanted to do something special, classic and what I call Rustic Futuristic
Aside from collecting vintage razors I am also really into antique stoneware whiskey jugs...they fascinate me! While collecting them those two worlds collided the day I stumbled upon a tiny jug of aftershave by Captain Cooke! I have never heard of the brand nor know exactly when its from but I was immediately inspired to do my own...and so it began!
Each jug is hand poured, corked and sealed traditionally with bottle wax. Included with the jug is a special edition cork and orifice reducer to be used after opening. These little jugs of Atomic Age Bay will look superb in any man cave or shave den. Needless to say I am super stoked about this giveaway and wish you fine folks all the luck in the known got this!