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Free Shipping On Orders Over $75 ~ Flat Rate Shipping (USA) ~ Military & Veteran Discount

Vector Solid Cologne Rub | Contains Prickly Pear Oil!

$26.95 USD
VECTOR Is A Scent Homage To That Sinus Clearing Classic,
Vick's VapoRub! Herbal, Fresh & Bracing 
Scent Profile: Camphor, Eucalyptus, Rosemary & Pine Needle

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This Solid Cologne can be applied as a chest rub! But by all means, if you want to rock this as a straight up solid cologne, we won't judge!

Nostalgia Can Be Good Medicine

This my friends is yet another homage to a truly nostalgic, classic scent that will span over the "memory banks" of a hundred years. I'm willing to bet that most folks today across the globe will recognize this comforting, soothing scent of yore...Vick's VapoRub! 

Doug, you've gone too far or I know what you are thinking but hear me out first! 
Vick's, like so many other originals pretty much created the self home-care industry as we now know it. They had so many firsts, from their OG product that we celebrate here today, VapoRub (1894), to the invention of the modern cough drop (1931), to their sinus clearing inhaler (1941), to Sinex (1959), all the way up to everyone's best friend, NyQuil! If you are living in a country outside of the USA you may also be familiar with the brand or at the very least, have used a similar product inspired by Vick's. They really were movers and shakers!

But with that kind of greatness comes their far reaching influence on all of us, especially in the matter of scent & that is what we are most interested in as always! And unless you are 130 years old, this familiarity began in childhood. 

In the spirit of complete transparency, this was a customers idea*! But having grown up being allergic to pretty much everything, it truly resonated with me. It also took me back to my childhood sick days.
There I was on the couch turned sick bed, shades pulled unusually low. My mother would have already put a sheet down over the cushions, and tucked a few of my bed pillows under my feverish head. The first few buttons of my pajamas would be open like John Travolta in a leisure suit, as my mom then slathered my chest with this magical, potent balm that immediately began to work! If I was especially miserable, she may have had a humidifier plugged in also on a chair from the dining room.

Sometimes she'd allow me to take a direct sniff out of that whimsical blue glass jar before she began the procedure. Just like that you could breathe again! I also recall the product functioning like Tiger Balm, meaning it also took care of the aches and pains that always came from coughing or sneezing so much in the night. She would then set to work tucking me in only to return around lunch with golden ginger ale and Saltines. 
Another important part of the treatment was the prescribed dosage of daytime television; The Price is Right, Bewitched, I Dream Of Jeanie, etc. Flowing into my tired eyes and ears like an IV set to slow drip. As it got later in the day, the cartoons would return usually starting off with the classics like Hannah Barbara. That evening, now in my own bed, I would get "Vicksed" one last time. More often than not, the next day I was fine. Clearly my mom knew what she was doing and the magical balm was real medicine. So yes, consider me a fan!

It has been a real blast testing this stuff out for the last few months, a real throwback. The adult me is shaving, but in my head I am right back there watching The Flintstones or Tom and Jerry, waiting for my best friend Mike to bring me my ditto paper homework that I missed that day! 

*If you were that customer, please reach out so that we can give you proper credit!

Name trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective manufacturers and/or designer. This version is NOT to be confused with the original Vick's VapoRub and Phoenix Shaving, LLC has no affiliation with Proctor and Gamble.
Solid Cologne?

I must confess, I was not a believer in Solid Colognes until recently! Many times when asked if I would ever consider doing one, my default answer was always:

"Solid Colognes are for hippies and little girls."

I really believed this. I mean, I vividly remember my little sister getting some that came with a doll of hers when she was 5! I also remember seeing the stuff on offer in many a new age store on the shelf next to the incense in intricately carved soapstone compacts, lol. 

I assure you dear reader, my answer wasn't meant to be hurtful or mean spirited, and I admit I was simply wrong and uneducated in the ways of this magical stuff!

So what changed my mind you ask? Quite simply, it was the history. It turns out I actually owned a book on solid perfumes! I know, how is this possible? But it does happen.

Whenever I delve into anything I go full tilt and many years back, when I began working on honing my skills as a perfumer, I ordered every book out there! Some books were even in French! And one, as I mentioned, was on Solid Perfumes... totally didn't read the subtitle when ordering it, all I read was "Perfume". When it arrived, uninterested, I tossed it to the side, only to stumble upon it once more, years later, while transferring books to a new shelf.

And after the many requests from people over the years I did become more curious as to what all the hoopla was about in regards to the balm. So I put the tome on my bed and promised to take a quick gander at it before I fell asleep that night. That gander turned into a marathon session, a real page turner!

I am embarrassed to say I was way wrong, my previous exposure to the stuff was very limited, and I really had no right making up my mind to write it off so quickly. Solid Perfumes & Colognes were born out of a rich history and are totally different animals when it comes to scent carriers. I was looking at them completely wrong.

Fact is, a Solid Cologne is a much more personal, intimate, and tactile creation when compared to say, an Eau De Parfum, Cologne, or Aftershave. It is not meant for everyone in the room to smell but rather those closest to you, as well as yourself. It isn't meant to live on the shelf in your bathroom, but more as a travel companion tucked in your backpack, briefcase, gym bag or carry on!

This is part of the history! Back in the day, solid perfumes were kept close, often on the body, hidden in the secret compartment of a ring, or worn close to the heart in a locket or metal ball called a Pomander. It was always there for a quick whiff or application to the hot spots or facial hair.

Many men and women even carried scent boxes with them back in the day for inhaling while walking the fowl streets of medieval cities! Some of these boxes and compacts held multiple scents to be enjoyed one at a time or all at once or in different combinations. The sniffer could turn on or off the different scents of the accord...That's just AWESOME! Like playing your own composition on a musical instrument. Scent for scents sake!

Even plague doctors got in on the act and kept solid perfume on themselves as well. Many now know that doctors of that time wore curious bird like masks, the beak of which was stuffed with aromatic herbs. These herbs were thought to prevent the spread of the plague, and they were also used to eclipse the stench coming off the patients.

What you may not know is these doctors also came outfitted with a cane that hid a secret flip lid in the handle. This compartment held a blended, solid perfume that could be accessed in a pinch and smeared under the nose. Brilliant!

In Ancient Egypt, solid perfumes were a large part of the culture. An Egyptian  woman often wore what was called an unguent, or scent cone, containing the perfume, on the top of her head. Unlike modern solid perfumes, which are mixed with wax and oils, these ancient fragrances were blended with animal fat, and during the course of the hot day it would melt and anoint the wearer...that's pretty epic!

I could go on, but instead, I encourage you to do your own research. I promise you it is fascinating and will give you a greater appreciation of Solid Cologne and Perfumes!

So, with the weight of history dancing in my head I went to work on creating my own Solid Cologne, and it came out wonderful! Rather than dissolving absolutes, resins, and balsams into alcohol as I typically would for an alcohol based perfume, I carefully heated them, and along with the scent oils, blended them into the Beeswax, Shea Oil, Jojoba oil, Prickly Pear Oil matrix.

I find that, as the perfumer, the scent stays truer longer to the original shape I was going for. Meaning, volatile top notes last longer and heart notes fade slower too! Base notes will last much, much longer as they mix and mingle more organically with your own body chemistry and natural oils seamlessly.

Solid Cologne is a total and complete departure from the chemical reaction one experiences with an alcohol based product. It is more like a harmonious alchemical marriage, than a quick burn and evaporate dry down effect. Very different energetics when compared, and don't misunderstand me, they are both wonderful, but again, unique from each other, and that's what I didn't understand before.

Even the mechanics of application are different. Apply it once or revisit it many times during the day as a pick me up, no one will even notice when you do. There's a very sensual element at play here, like a secret with yourself.

I really have to say, this whole process enriched me as a perfumer, I truly felt part of a greater work. Ok, it's getting a little woo woo, but I think you are picking up what I'm putting down, no?

It's true, I really misunderstood solid perfumes in the past and dismissed them way too soon in my arrogance. If you are like I was, I encourage you to become humble and check them out, otherwise you are doing yourself a great disservice. 

Now...How DO I Use Solid Cologne?

Rub a finger across the top of the solid cologne and apply it to the pulse points & hot spots: wrists, neck, inside of elbow, behind the ears, and heart. You can also use in the beard, moustache or hair. Reapply through the day or whenever yo need a pick me up!

1.5 Oz Heavy Duty Glass Jar & Bakelite Cap

Beeswax, Shea Oil Jojoba oil, Prickly Pear Oil, Essential Oils & Rosemary Extract

Handmade in Arizona, USA

Net Wt. 1.5 oz.