Planetary Pack - Shaving Soap Samples

$11.95 USD
Time to blast of with our Planetary Sample/Travel Pack!
  • Planet 9
  • Lavender Planet
  • Red Planet
  • Vetiver Planet 

....a most EPIC combination!

Remember those mini cereal boxes they sold back in the day? Do they still sell 'em? Regardless, this would be my version of that...just as soap. I know someone out there is following me on this. (hi Chad!)

This is a terrific way to experience my Tang of the Spheres (Odor Universalis) Series, be it for you or a gift! There is a triality to the title of this series. Immediately most of you 70's babies get the first Tang reference, the second is the meaning of Tang:

a a sharp distinctive often lingering flavor
b a pungent odor
c something having the effect of a tang (as in stimulation of the senses)
The third, and most esoteric, is the play on Musica universalis or Music of The Spheres (or planets). This is an homage to Pythagoras.
But all this really means is, YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE IT


Note: Each sample will be good for several shaves.  

To get the most out of your sample, scoop out a portion of the soap and press into a shave bowl, or scuttle.  This helps to create a large surface area of soap to load the brush on, thus representing the true product better!

Made in Arizona, USA