Doppelgänger Black Label | NEW CK6 Formula! | Shaving Soap Samples

$4.25 USD

Now you can try our NEW CK6 Formula Doppelgänger Black Label  - Homage to Sauvage shaving soap a convenient sample size!  Each sample will be good for several shaves.  

"And that lather! It truly is remarkably good. I am seriously trying to cut back on shaving soaps, but after this shave I am thinking I somehow need more CK-6 shaving soaps. I’m very impressed. Thick, slick, wonderful lather that leaves my skin feeling exceptionally nice.

I highly recommend the CK-6 formula. Really striking." ~Michael Ham, Leisureguys Guide to Gourmet Shaving

To get the most out of your sample, scoop out a portion of the soap and press into a shave bowl, or scuttle.  This helps to create a large surface area of soap to load the brush on, thus representing the true product better!

Made in Arizona, USA 

Sample Soaps are not Returnable.