CUBE Dock : An Intergalactic Soap Dish

$5.95 USD

This my friends is a much needed product. Since CUBE suddenly & mysteriously appeared on the scene it has been one email after another asking how one should store it. The answer was always "on a soap dish", but with this folks seemed to deflate.

"oh, ok...sigh." Almost as if they expected something more, more EPIC. I gather by using the word Soap Dish it some how zapped the magic and presence out of CUBE.

Surely, this curious entity that always seems to be in the background observing, demands something more magical, mystical...dare I say Sci-Fi to maybe Recharge itself on or at the very least, be allowed to air dry? It was clear I was getting in the way of something here and needed to begin work on a CUBE Dock immediately...and so it is here.

CUBE Dock is constructed of durable black polished acrylic w/ four unique draining channels, the perfect place to dock your CUBE in between use. The 3"x 3" footprint and super grippy silicone feet make it able to use almost everywhere; shower, sink, window sill, etc. As always, it's more than just shaving, it's an experience!

The Saga continues....