A more effective, less messy alternative to pre-shave oil...thank the shave gods!
PAA Pre-Shave Soaps are formulated to clean, hydrate and prepare the face before the shave without over-cleansing or drying. After face is washed with Pre-Shave, the soap is then immediately reapplied against the grain. This action works the soap under the individual hairs raising them up which in turn gives the blade more surface area to bite onto...oil can't do this
Next load up your favorite shave soap and build lather as usual on face. Our Pre-shave is not only formulated for hydration, glide, and protection but also to add a noticeable lather boost...oil can't do that either!
NO more gunked up razor, greasy hands, oil build up on your brush and tedious clean-up! No more potentially killing your lather with a pre-shave oil! Once you give PAA Pre-Shave Soaps a chance there's no going back!
Confused? Check Out Our Video On How To Use Our Different Pre-Shave Products