The Agent 4-piece Travel Razor - Executive Edition (Includes Case- Choice Of Open Comb or Straight Bar, Astra Blades and Trimming Scissors)

$34.95 USD

First off, this razor is off the charts of awesomeness!

Introducing our 4-piece Agent Travel Razor, Executive Edition! Also included in the kit is a 5 pack of Astra Blades and Trimming Scissors.This may be the perfect solution when traveling and man will you feel like James Bond when you open up the faux leather pouch!

The Agent offers great balance, grip and weight. Once it's put together you would never guess this is a travel razor and could easily end up being your daily driver! You can also choose to connect just one segment of the handle stem giving you a low profile 2" shaver.

Travel Lite, look great!

Straight Bar.

Wt. 95 Grams

Length: 3.50"

Brass Handle, Dbl Chrome Coated

Razor in Case Weighs: 5.9 oz