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Free Shipping On Orders Over $65 ~ Always Flat Rate Shipping (USA) ~ Military & Veteran Discounts

Phoenix Bakelite Open Comb Slant - 3-Piece - Ox Blood Color

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BOOM! Finally a world a little less Black & White...Behold The Ox Blood Phoenix Bakelite OC Slant Razor! 

For Our Black & White Models Click HERE!

You'd think getting another color made to be as easy as wasn't. This took far to long to get done. LOL, the Manufacturer I am working with just doesn't "get it". Not only was the concept of a Razor done in Bakelite to them alien, the new idea of one in Ox Blood completely threw them for a loop...yielding them useless in aiding me in my quest. That said, I had to locate and source the raw ingredients myself and then ship it to my manufacturer. Mind you, I didn't nail the color the first 2 times so this became quite the chore. But Alas, it is finished!

I need to add, this was originally what I had in mind when first considering recreating a Bakelite Razor. By not backing down or compromising in the end it came out perfect...and I believe my efforts are clear in the quality of these babies!


Already own a Black or White Bakelite? Get creative with your color combinations!




Most who know me know I have a real passion for all things Bakelite, so you can imagine how ecstatic I am to finally be able to offer our very own 3-piece Phoenix Bakelite Razor!

Douglas Smythe Bakelite Razor

The open comb/slant design is inspired by one of my favorite vintage razors, The FASAN Twist. I absolutely LOVE that razor but it's hard to find and can be expensive to pick up when you do find one, and if you are not familiar with Bakelite, who wants to take a gamble at the current antique razor price?


So once again, we have gone back and plucked a rare gem from history in an effort to offer it at a fair and reasonable price, so that the newb and collector alike can give this bad boy a go! Note: This design is based on "The Twist" and not The Fasan Dbl Slant (with Red Dot).

Bringing a Bakelite Razor to the market has been a mission of mine for almost 2 years! I approached many different Bakelite Manufacturers all over the world, even dropped one in the middle of the first production. None of them had ever heard of a Bakelite Razor, much less a Safety Razor and for the life of them couldn't understand why it had to be done in Bakelite when a modern plastic would be cheaper and easier to work with...I remained steadfast. Through much trial and error and many a return to the drawing board we proceeded until we nailed it! My first test shave was BBS, and though bias, possibly the best shave ever! :)

We decided to reveal these babies to the world at the SoCal Wet Shaver's Collective this past July and the reception was inspiring. It's amazing how many folks have not seen or held a Bakelite Razor or even seen a open comb slant, one person thought it was deformed, but that was "ok because it was a prototype" they remarked, lol. Many compared the clean, white razor to a Storm Trooper...and they were right, lol. Needless to say, after the meet up i was 10X more excited to get The Phoenix Bakelite to the people!

We made sure the post was the standard 1032 thread so that handles can be mixed and matched with your other favorite handles! Though I recommend you hang with the whole package before you switch it up! Unlike it's metal cousin, a Bakelite requires slight pressure, but very, very slight. As for the presumed learning curve, you should have it mastered by the end of a 3 pass shave! A slant need not be about weight, but finesse and angle.

Bakelite has such a rich history in the USA where it was born in 1907, created by Leo Baekeland! Did you know during the war effort, we almost minted our pennies in Bakelite, but eventually went with steel? Pool Balls were even made out of bakelite, if that tells you anything about durability. Our auto and aviation industries grew up along side Bakelite and we'd probably be 25 years behind if it wasn't for the stuff! The stuff was and is AMAZING and truly has 1000 uses...STILL!
*Instructions: Follow these instructions to ensure your experience with The Phoenix Bakelite will be a smooth one. There are a few things you need to know about this razor, especially if new to a classic bakelite safety razor model.
1. The main thing, the dramatic slant cap secures the blade always and exactly in a precisely calculated cutting angle. This in conjuction with the 2. Slanted Open Comb creates a smooth, drawing scythe-like cut. Both Efficient and pleasant, the beard disappears. Fully tighten the handle for shaving, for closer shaves you can try loosening the handle by a 1/8 turn to a maximum of 1/4 turn, depending on beard thickness and your own assessment.
Shave with a vertical downward motion and don’t be surprised if you don’t feel much of the smooth cutting action. The Slant Cut is an automatic result of the time tested classic design. But, you still have to choose the blade that works for your own unique face - That’s where the true edge is. As important as the features on this razor may be, the beard is still being cut by the strength and quality of the blade. It is recommended you experiment with different brands of blade till you find the optimal blade for you. Some favorites: Feathers, Bolzano, Astra and Voskhod.
*Based on original instructions, 1936
 Below is an excellent NPR Podcast that covers the story of Bakelite!

One 3-piece Bakelite Open Comb Slant Safety Razor, in Ox Blood

NOTE: This is For One Razor

Blade Exposure: 1.032 mm

Blade Gap: .203 mm

Complete Length: 3.25"

18 grams 

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