Crown King & PAA are known for being one of the best, longest lasting aftershave/colognes currently out there! We have been blurring the lines between Aftershave & Cologne since we created our first batch! We use very time consuming, old school perfuming methods. Each one of our aftershaves is "Matured" a minimum of 4 weeks, some as long as a year. Different ingredients are added at different times, which is crucial in creating a true artisan/Indy Aftershave/Cologne. Not only will you immediately feel and smell the difference but if you check out our ingredient label you will also see what sets us apart. 

We choose to use high quality ingredients in our splashes, it's not "how many ingredients are inside?" but rather, the quality and "energetics" behind each of the ingredients inside, which change from scent to scent. We could easily just slap together alcohol, water and fragrance and put it out...but that's not how we roll, this is a passion not a paycheck. As a business we not only care about a close shave but also about the experience. We believe you will immediately understand that sentiment every time you splash some of our truly luxury, classic Aftershave/Cologne on your face. Shave On & Save Face with Crown King & PAA!