Cosmic Christmas Cookies Aftershave & Cologne | Holiday Gourmand

$24.95 USD
 Bet you NEVER Saw This Coming!

Scent Profile: Burnt Sugar, Caramel, Buttermilk & Sweet, Sensual Vanilla! A Classic Holiday Gourmand that just may have you taking a bite out of it! [Please do not eat.]

This my friends is just a whole lotta fun and gourmand lovers will absolutely love this sweet, buttery, nostalgic scent!

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Dulse Extract: helps to improve blood and lymph circulation to promote brighter skin. In addition, it provides antioxidant support to neutralize damaging free radicals. Last, Palmaria Palmata contains a seawater which helps to detoxify and cleanse the skin. The perfect addition to any aftershave!
100 Ml

Alcohol, Vanilla Hydrosol, Essential & Fragrance Oil, Aloe Vera, Dulse Extract, Amber & Benzoin Resin