Kiritimati Shaving Artisan Shave Soap & Aftershave Cologne Bundle Deal - Ultra Premium Formula CK-6

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Kiritimati is BACK! This is possibly the most rugged, badass, scent of the holiday Season! This is year 5 for this stuff can you believe it?!    

Scent Notes: Frankincense - Myrhh - Bay - Seaweed - Oakwood - Ambergris - Benzoin - Blue Spruce - Tobacco - Labdanum - Lavender 

This is what Christmas should smell like...however, it would take a dramatic series of events to make this possible.

1) Santa needs to be real.

2) Mrs. Santa leaves him because she's bored and he sleeps too much. She really just longs to be held and the foot massages by the elves tiny, cold hands are not cutting it anymore. (and are getting kinda creepy as the years pass)  

3) Santa reacts to this rather poorly, heads to Christmas Island in the East Indies and turns it into a pirates utopia! At least this is what comes to mind when I take a whiff of this stuff!

Oak Barrel Aged for 1 Year!

It's true, this batch of Kiritimati was matured or aged for 1 year using pure essential oils and resins!
A Leaf?

Yep, that's a genuine West Indian Bay Leaf in there too! Lol, probably what folks remember the most about this seasonal classic, that bay leaf! Though naturally decorative this intact leaf will also add to the aftershave in time inline with a traditional tincture!

As with all my Aftershave/Colognes Kiritimati is packed with skin food that will really give your freshly shaven skin a silky feel.

Contains: Lavender & Labdanum Hydrosol, Calendula Oil, Aloe Vera, Liquid Silk, and Seaweed Extract. Feel The Difference.

Happy Holidays Folks and a YO, HO, HO!

Soap comes packed in a plastic jar, net. wt. 5oz

Aftershave is 100ml glass flask bottle

Made in Arizona, USA