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Lavender Planet Eau De Parfum (EDP) - 30ml

$49.95 USD

 There's nothing more soothing and uplifting than the calming scent of Lavender, so much so I decided to layer Lavender on top of Lavender on top of Lavender on top of get the picture. 

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Lavender truly is one of the most versatile essential oils known to man. The scent is ultra calming, relaxing and balancing as they say in the aromatherapy world. 

Made with 5 Different Lavenders!

I have cherry picked the best representations of the flower essence from all over the world; French Lavender Essential Oil, Spanish Essential Oil, English Lavender, South African and Bulgarian Lavender Absolute! 

If you are a freak about Lavender or have yet to experience it, this is the perfect season to take a trip to Lavender Planet and get lost in it's living, endless, purple fields and unkept gardens of otherworldly delights! Shave On!

30 ml Bottle

Includes Matching Travel Soap

Ingredients: Denatured Alcohol, Essential/Fragrance Oil


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