Official I'd Lather Be Shaving Coffee Mug - 2 oz Pineapple Bay Rum Shave Soap!

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$15.95 USD

First off, we'd like to thank all of you for watching and subscribing to our NEW youtube show, I'd Lather Be Shaving! Your suggestions and enthusiasms has truly been overwhelming & amazing!

That said, you need not shoot Matt nor I anymore emails and PMs about making the ILBS Coffee Mugs available to the public...for they are here, and even better, contain 2 ounces of Crown King Formula Shave Soap, Pineapple Bay Rum! This scent is exclusive only to our ILBS Mugs! Rejoice!!!

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By purchasing a mug, you not only show your support to the world, you also actually support I'd Lather Be Shaving financially!

As you may have guessed, both Matt and I put a lot of time, energy and yes, MONEY into the production of the show. The quality of the show is testament to that...but it gets rather costly, real fast. So in an effort to offset these growing costs we thought we'd kill two birds with one stone and make our coffee mugs available to you, our friendly audience & friends.

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We really appreciate your help in keeping the show coming at you each Friday morning and look forward to sharing a cup 'o joe with each and everyone of you as we delve into wet shaving history and madness...Shave On!

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