BUCARDO MUG Mustache Mug

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$25.00 USD

Back in the day, a gentleman knew how to protect his moustache. Now, a 19th century staple is revived for the modern man. The Bucardo Mug features original artwork and a classic moustache guard, a specialized semi-circular ledge with an opening that allows for safe passage of beverages while protecting your ‘stache. This is the first in a series of Bucardo Mugs celebrating moustachioed gentlemen of the world.

* 13 oz ceramic mug with moustache guard 

* Original artwork by Southern California artist Jeff McMillan

* Dishwasher and microwave safe

* 10 % of net profits donated to charities for at-risk youth and men’s health. This year we are proud to support the Harmony Project and Zero – The End of Prostate Cancer.