Desert Duster Refillable PAA Atomizer - 6ml

$9.95 USD

Get more mileage out of your colognes and aftershaves! 

Finally an affordable, manly atomizer for guys! The Desert Duster is perfect for travel, the gym, office desk, bug out bag....pretty much anywhere! Super easy to fill, clean and small enough to conceal. Compare our 6ml atomizer to Penhaligon's 4ml Travel Atomizer, you get more bang for your buck here and at less bucks taboot!

Fill with your favorite artisan or mainstream colognes or aftershaves. Also great for witch hazel, the potential uses are endless! See Photos on how to fill.

What is an Atomizer?

Aftershave & Cologne atomizers make the application of modern splashes convenient and easy. Reducing mess and waste, they provide a light mist of fragrance to be applied where you want it. 

The atomizer of old is essentially a bulb syringe attached to plastic tubing that runs inside the perfume bottle. The atomizer mixes oxygen and cologne or aftershave, creating a fine mist, which is evenly distributed onto the skin or into the air. Modern atomizers create the same action without the bulb attachment.

NOTE: Keep this well hidden gents, women have been known to snatch these up and claim them as their own when left in plain site!

0.7 oz when full 

3ml pipette included